Like with every major purchase you are about to acquire, is very important that you know in detail what is included in the price. We at Architectural Pools & Spas provide you with a detailed list of the items that are Included with the Basic Package:

  • Warranty
  • Poll Shell (Fiberglass or Gunite)
  • Excavation, Freight, Delivery of the Pool
  • Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Backfilling and Grading
  • Skimmer, Two Return Lines and a One Dedicated Vacuum Line
  • Energy Efficient, High Performance Pump Customized for your Pool (Pump at least 3 years warranty)
  • Sand or Cartridge Filter Customized for your Pool (Pump at least 3 years warranty)
  • Salt Chlorine Generator
  • Commercial Grade Plumbing, 2” PVC SCH 40 Pipe. No Flex Pipe is Used. With Flex Pipe that many other Contractors use, Plumbing is much faster but the Flex Pipe is Susceptible to Breaking or Eaten by Termites sometimes even within a year after Installation
  • Hydrostatic Valve for Extra Protection. (On Barrier Reef and Gunite Pools only)
  • Four Feet of Cantilevered Concrete Deck with Spray-Deck on top around the entire Pool and Spa
  • Low Voltage Lights (Safer than the regular Lights) with a Transformer
  • In the Event of a High Water Table, We will make all the Necessary Adjustments to Safely Install the Pool at no Extra Charge to the Homeowner
  • The extra Soil from the Excavation, will be graded or at Home-owner’s request will be Removed from the Property at no Extra Charge to the Homeowner
  • Handrail
  • Maintenance Kit: Pole, Brush, Leaf Net, Vacuum Hose, Vacuum Head, Tester and Thermometer
  • Electrical Hook-up
  • All Sales Taxes

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