Architectural Pools is an authorized dealer for two major fiberglass pool manufacturers - San Juan Pools  and Barrier Reef Pools.

San Juan Pools

High-quality fiberglass pools by San Juan Products are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a predictable high-quality product right down to the tile and accessory installations.

San Juan's emphasis on total quality and customer service is well documented and one of the factors that contributed to the induction of the company's late founder, George Sullivan, into the "Pool Hall of Fame."

A profile on George Sullivan, published in Swimming Pool Spa Age, credits his unwavering commitment to quality and customer service with playing a major role in the company's and fiberglass pool industry's development. It also recognizes Sullivan for being the first fiberglass pool manufacturer to enhance the beauty of his pools with ceramic tile and creative decking styles, including raised bond beams, spillover spas and waterfalls.

Today, more than ever before, busy people are looking for ways to upgrade the value of their home and enjoy more family fun time.

For more information about San Juan Pools and how they can enhance the value of your property as well as your family's quality time, visit their website.

Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef Pools was established over 20 years ago and has grown today to become the largest manufacturer of Fiberglass swimming pools in the Southern Hemisphere.  It has an annual production of over 3500 pools.  They are committed to providing premium quality pools while using the most superior products available.

Their focus is steadfast in continuing to provide the very best product and service to the United States with fully integrated research, production and quality control.

Architectural Pools can improve your lifestyle with one of the swimming pools from the beautiful Barrier Reef Range.  Life can be pretty hectic these days, so take time off to enjoy your lifestyle more without leaving your home. The family barbecue takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of a family pool in the backyard.

The Barrier Reef USA Range was designed to incorporate the best features of the versatile fiberglass swimming pool. Take your time to look closely at the modern styles, thoughtful interiors and safety features of some styles and convert your outdoor leisure area into something really special for the whole family.

Barrier Reef Pools offer:

  • Abundant seating for entertainment or just plain relaxation after a hard day.
  • Well designed entry and exit steps.
  • Provision for spa areas and tables in some styles.
  • Certain models designed deeper than most pools available.
  • Dual entry and exit on some designs.
  • Child safety ledge on most styles - unlike concrete pools
  • Lowered handrails for children and elderly folk incorporated into some shapes - also great for water aerobics.
  • Choice of 5 colors in beautiful shimmer colors.
  • Many different sizes to suit your lifestyle.

For more information about Barrier Reef Pools, visit their website.

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